Oct 04

Dangerous Seduction 危险的诱惑

Title: Dangerous Seduction
AKA: 위험한 유혹 – 추억이 떠나면 외로움만 남는다 (wi-heom-han yoo-hok – choo-eog-ee tteo-na-myeon oe-loum-man nam-neun-da)
Genre: •Melodrama •Romance•Erotica
Release Date: 2014/09/17
Runtime: 1h 19mn
Director: Lee Sang-hwa (이상화)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: No Subtitles
A man approaches a woman who is about to go out of her mind from loneliness. "Do you love me…?"
So-yeon lost her parents to a car accident at an early age and she's buried in loneliness. Many men have come by but they've all disappeared like the wind. She's been cheated of money by two men who promised to marry her so she settles by herself in a cabin out there, which her parents had bought before they passed. So-yeon decides to rent out the rooms and then a man comes along. She feels emotional towards him and he seduces her, turning their tension into a hot relationship. The more she falls for him the more he asks for unexplainable and sadistic actions…