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Sex is zero (2002) 色即是空

Sex is zero (2002)
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Director:Yun Je-gyun
Writer:Yun Je-gyun
Cast:Ha Ji-won, Lim Chang Jung, Jin Jae-yeong, Jung Min, Choi Seong-guk, Yu Chae-yeong
Country:South Korea
Duration: 96 min


Teen comedy about college students and they're campus life. Gross, funny and touching.

After 2 years in the Navy, 28-year-old Eunsik (Lim Chang-Jung) returns to college where he takes up a hardcore Cha-Ryeok taekwondo practice. Imagine his surprise, when he discovers that the university's female aerobics team (led by gorgeous Eunhyo (Ha Ji-Won )) will be training right alongside him. Naturally, our hero's focus shifts from pumping iron to picking up the ladies. And, just as naturally, the attraction isn't exactly mutual at first.

服完兵役的高龄大学生恩植(任昌丁饰)就读于法律系,校园里满是对性充满好奇的年轻男女。可惜外表憨直的他没有什么女人缘,脑筋也是不大好使。一次偶然机 会,恩植认识了学校健身俱乐部的头牌队员、校花级美女银孝(河智苑饰),他立马被对方的美貌性感吸引。恩植想尽办法接进银孝,博取好感,却都以失败告终, 甚至引发许多误会,比如在公车上,他被银孝当成色狼一脚踢中要害。后来,银孝迷住了有钱的花花公子相旭(郑敏饰),甚至怀了孕,但最终被抛弃,伤心绝望。 与此同时,恩植和银孝之间产关系有了微妙变化。


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