Aug 18

The Actress Spy 女演员间谍[2014韩国限制級]

The Actress Spy (2014)
AKA:여배우 공작단 (yeo-baeu gong-jag-dan)
Directed by Jeon Tae-yoon (전태윤)
74min | Release date in South Korea : 2014/06/19
Here comes erotism like you've never seen before.

University students Gu-pil and Byeong-soo were recruiting a female member for an erotic film contest. They meet Tae-hee, a shy and ugly girl. She wasn't what they expected but they take her in anyway. They watch erotic movies with her and go to adult top shops for inspiration but nothing pops up. Tae-hee vents on them saying she was called ugly by a person she liked but they don't listen to her. So she's angry and decides to make up her mind…


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